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Home Ownership for Muslims (2020)

Learn from industry experts how to own a home whilst maintaining your obedience to Allah.

What you're getting:

  • Entire 3-Hour Home Ownership for Muslims Online Course - This comprehensive home ownership course contains 4 in-depth, on-demand video lesson modules. The total length of the course is over 3 hours. You get instant access to all the contents immediately when you sign up.

  • Lifetime Access To The Online Learning Portal - Not only do you get instant access to all the course content, you get lifetime access. This means that you can progress through the course at your own pace and convenience. No rush. And you can go back and review any lesson or chapter anytime.

  • Comprehensive Course Notes - We wrote these notes to accompany the full-length video course. They include pre-reading material, discussion questions, and exercises. It is both printable and downloadable.

I didn't know much about mortgages as a whole, but this course taught me about mortgages on a holistic level both Islamically as well as on a economical level.

Course Student

I enjoyed being told about how the financial system works and how it is linked to other aspects (political).

Course Student

Excellent delivery and explanation of practical advice on what we can do to avoid riba and help the ummah.

Course Student