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What do I need to do?

Simply set your target on the form below to crowd-fund during the month of Ramadan

With a target of £300 you just need to raise £10 a day! 
Why not set yourself a higher target for a bigger reward?

What am I raising funds for?

Raised funds will support the projects of The Islamic Council, who work to educate and empower the Muslim community to live upon Islamic guidance and flourish in their day-to-day lives, which in turn will become a continuous charity for you!


 What are the impact of my donations?

  • £300 will provide a hardship fund for 3 families to access support
  • £500 will support 5 sisters to process a khula' to end an abusive marriage
  • £1,000 will help rebuild 10 relationships through reconciliation
  • £2,500 will provide the funds to help establish the Islamic Council in the United States

What does The Islamic Council do?

Please find more information on the vital services IC provides for the community:

Marriage Advice

Helping couples overcome their differences to form stronger families

Parenting Advice

Providing tips and guidance to help parents raise righteous children during challenging times

Community Solutions

Providing practical solutions for current community issues, such as avoiding Riba when buying a home


How does IC provide the above?

We provide our services in various ways to cater to the whole community

Private Consultations

Events & Courses

Public Fatwas and Statements

Media (videos, infographics etc)

Blog Articles


Shaykh Dr Sajid Umar

"I endorse this campaign, and through it we will make the legacy of the final Messenger () be felt in an even greater way inshaAllah!"

Umm Talha

"Alhamdulilllah it’s an honour to support the good work of IC, May Allah bless the team’s efforts in providing a such a needed service"

Shaykh Dr Ali Ahmed

"I encourage everyone to jump on board and be from of the Fortunate 500!"


How do I sign up?

Simply follow these quick 3 steps to be part of the Fortunate 500 campaign!

Step One: Register

Make your intention, then complete the registration form below - takes just 30 seconds!

Step Two: Download Assets

Your fundraising page will be created for you, along with a link for you to download your fundraising assets to help you raise your target, such as videos and images

Step Three: Fundraise!

Share your page with a personal message from yourself to family and friends to help you reach your target. We have many template messages & videos you can use!


Frequently Asked Questions:

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